"Managing new talent into a company can be an expensive and time-consuming activity for even the largest of companies. Through my career, I have seen many different attempts to create that springboard into a company for new employees where they quickly feel part of the organisation and start to contribute quicker. This needs to be done by clear and frank communication across all levels, which I feel Jacob has achieved for SITA by bringing together in a unique forum and a broad cross-section of the company into a strong support programme for all our new employees. It will be good to see this type of program be replicated across other business."

- Drew Griffiths, Vice President at SITA

It all started with a simple vision, to "DEVELOP THE LEADERS OF TOMORROW, TODAY". We are crazy passionate about seeing young men and women built up and sent out to live the change we so desperately need in our workplaces and world.


These very same young men and women will catch up to, pass and replace our current generation of leaders. The question is have we equipped them today so they can brighten our organisations/world for tomorrow?

In order to create national and international change we need a generation of young men and women who COMMUNICATE effectively, CONNECT intentionally with those around them and LEAD with humility and passion!